About us


VFA Cable reflects its sector knowledge and experience to the sector and combines its visionary perspective with a solution-oriented service concept.

With its experienced and professional team, VFA Cable differentiates its synergy created with mutual trust relationship with its customers with high quality and fast service based on corporate infrastructure.
VFA Cable, which has a dynamic and proactive team spirit which is based on motivation and aims to be one step ahead of the sector and adapt to the rhythm of business life, has a professional point of view.
It strives to add value to its stakeholders and constructs its marketing and sales strategies according to the principles of reliability and transparency.
VFA Cable supports and develops the roadmap in a planned and systematic way by supporting continuous development. From a visionary perspective; By creating awareness; It has a strong coordination network with the sector through active customer communication.

VFA Cable aims to be one of the active companies of the sector by advancing as a team with its expert team and all its business partners.