What are the Low Current Cables and Selection Criteria?

Weak current cables are generally used in indoor applications. The cables and selection criteria of all the technological devices used with the development of technology are of great importance in terms of both human health and perfect transmission, and therefore the weak current cables used must be taken care of.

Weak current cables are mostly used in indoor applications under 1kV and are used in the building’s sound, video, telephone, alarm, data, CCTV, security systems. In cable grouping, low voltage cables include weak current cables.

Weak Current Cable Selection Criteria

Weak Current cables are preferred to carry certain characteristics according to their usage areas. Intelligent or semi-intelligent buildings, hospitals, cinemas, theaters, schools, shopping centers, airports, factories, tunnels, etc. features such as flame-free, non-emitting, low smoke density, no toxic and corrosive gases. Besides, if there are risks such as coercion, impact, rodent in the environment, it is decided whether to choose the right sheath or armor. Depending on the environment, such as oil, chemical and moisture, the cables may contain various protective properties. Screening may be required if another signal is present in the environment that will affect the signal to be transmitted. The shielding types are also determined by the competent person depending on the signal characteristic and the environment. It is important to pay attention to the mesh closure rates for the quality of the shielding.